The best way to end the global pandemic right here at home is to ensure the majority the population has been fully vaccinated. The uptake of vaccinations for one and two doses is comparatively lower in marginalized people groups. Neighbourhoods with demographics of lower income and also ethnic populations also post a dubious distinction of having lower vaccination rates. It is absolutely critical that everyone gets vaccinated. However, there are challenges for groups that are at higher risk. Accessibility has been one of the key issues for governments looking to increase the uptake of vaccination rates in underserved areas. That includes the north east and central east sections of Calgary.

If you are having trouble finding access to a vaccine, or if you are struggling to book dates and show up, do not hesitate to reach out to community groups who are assisting in this area. (If you have no options book through Alberta Health Servicesl if you need assistance to get to an appointment dial 211 on your phone). If members of your household, family, or friends, are hesitant to get the vaccine, encourage them to get vaccinated immediately. Those who are waiting for an opportune moment, that time is past and with the influx of vaccines, there’s no longer an excuse to get vaccinated now.

As higher percentages of the population get vaccinated, we will see those who succumb to the illness and need hospitalization will exclusively the group who does not get vaccinated. Don’t be part of this stat. Although it might be a challenge, do whatever you can to find your time to get you and your loved ones of the vaccine.