Many have heard by now the fiasco leading up to the general election: the #blackface scandal. Pictures nearly 20 years old depicting Prime Minister Trudeau in blackface makeup at events has put him in the hot seat. Why is it wrong? Blackface is a racist characterization (an inaccurate and usually racist portrayal) of black people historically used by non-black performers. Today, it’s continues to spread stereotypes by those ignorant enough to don the makeup. 20 years ago Canadian culture as a whole may have been less willing to vilify a public figure over the use of blackface. Canadian culture has evidently moved to a space where cultural and racial ignorance is no longer an acceptable defence.


Here is Calgary’s mayor, who happens to be Muslim, speaking about the events.

"My aspiration for this place is that we don’t lose this remarkable thing that we have built here and that we continue…

Posted by Everyone's Canada on Friday, September 20, 2019


And here is Nenshi’s article in the Washington Post.

Also, of all the leaders (by no means an endorsement) who replied to Trudeau’s blackface, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP, offered the best reflection that’s sure to resonate with new immigrants.