May 29th, 2023, is the next provincial election in Alberta. Ensure you are registered so your voting process is smooth. From the Election Alberta website:

You must be a registered voter to cast a ballot.

If your registration is up-to-date, you’re ready to vote!

If your registration is out-of-date, or if you have recently moved or changed your name, you will need to re-register.

If your ID only lists your mailing address, register to vote with both your physical and mailing address and you can use your ID with your mailing address when you go to vote, saving you the need to dig out other proof of physical address.

If you have not registered before, you can register now.

You CAN register at a polling station, which is omitted, but it’s better to register beforehand. If you cannot access a voting station, or are not available during polling days, you can apply for a mail-in ballot.