Vaccinations rates in Calgary are slowly creeping up as Canada struggles to acquire adequate vaccine supply due to a complete lack of domestic production capacity. Although the weather is shifting to a mild Spring, we cannot loosen our sights on maintaining adequate precaution in the face of COVID-19 and now its various emerging strains. The COVID variants are dangerous, increasing the likelihood of severe effects including death. As we roll into a full year of pandemic protocols, this time last year we were shutting down everything with far fewer daily cases. What’s changed?

People of colour understand the inherent risks attributed to vulnerable populations. Whether that be elderly folks, or those who have to work in longterm care, or those who don’t have the luxury of working from home. Simple things like taking public transit increases exposure and likelihood of getting infected.

It’s for this reason, and the overall health and safety of all, that everyone should get the vaccine as soon as they are able. As older populations and front-line healthcare workers get their vaccines, some concerns have emerged with the brand of vaccine available. It is a mistake to wait for a preferred brand of vaccine. They all will protect against serious illness. They have all been robustly tested and scrutinized by health officials. That’s far more important and trustworthy than what a friend of the family or an internet post said about certain vaccines.

Recent evidence surrounding recently maligned Astra-Zeneca have proven to be not only false, but under reported in terms of efficacy.

Given our supply issues, it’s imperative to sign up when your window arrives and receive whichever dose is available. This will be the best way to slow the spread even if provincial government officials are slow to respond or quick to loosen restrictions.